Saturday, August 30, 2014

Learning Feminism through my lenses .

Since my third semester is almost coming to an end , studying Women and Media as a selective subject surprises my friends , Initially I was not ready to choose it instead I selected Development Media but unfortunately No body selected so luckily I was forced to select  " WOMEN AND MEDIA " .
I have some of my pictures related to women so here on my blog I am sharing you a series of women empowerment , well its not basically empowerment but just   " saying Yaani ! " 
Maliha : Safvan Patel

Since I belong to India , I have heard from my childhood girl are supposed to do household work , I grew up watching my mother doing only household works and no more interfering economic or financial issues related to family well its not embarrassing that's common for most of Indian , very lesser women are allowed to make decision making related to finance . Since my family was setup in Saudi Arabia it has monarchy and Sharia Law that implements and regulates government according to Quran and Sunnah . ( I don't want to tackle the issue of women having driving rights in KSA ) . 
No doubt Quran says " Mens are stronger than females " it is truth and no body can deny it , It depends on the interpretation of Quranic verses , but what point I am trying to put here is not Saudi Mentality but Indian Society or let say in general Asian mentality towards women . 

similing face of train : Safvan Patel 

When we talk about women liberation , women upliftment or say Women Empowerment what does it mean really ? and this words,  often we hear politicians uttering " we have to empower Women " does it mean we have to allow girls to go freely , let them wear what ever they want to do , let them roam freely any where without time limits . well , when we say women empowerment it includes all this things but merely this are very narrow things for empowering women only this factors should not be keep in mind ( I knew many of you have thought of only this factor ) . 
what I think is , When I say I want to empower women it doesn't only mean that we should let them free ( remember When I say" we " it means society not only mens it includes women too ) . It includes reviving mentality of boys and Prophet Muhammed has rightly said " for men/ boy has to lower his gaze " and yes our newly selected Priminister Shri Narendra Modi also said in his Independence Day Speech " Boys must be questioned not only girls ? "  See most of  girls which we see in collage and in market or in Malls are very much liberated and they are empowered more than rural and lower class women, i am not saying that all Urban women are empowered but in rural and lower class urban women are more exploited as compared to upper and rich class . It is very good that most of middle class women now a days also work from their house but one can't deny that , it is middle class women which amount to largest section of  "house maker wife " , they had thought us in economics that house women is not directly contributing to economy thus she is indulged in non-economic activity , well, just imagine if your mother or sister ask you for money tomorrow morning for making tea or serving food ! isn't it surprising ! 
Art during Tapi Mahotsav : Safvan Patel
Women empowerment does't mean giving them education and fulfilling their needs like jewelry or clothes fashion etc .. but it also includes involving them in decision making . Their is something called as " Mashwara " which is deciding with opinions , thus women must be given participation from all class to decide their issues .They must be allowed to participate in financial decision making of household , they must be allowed to choose their lifestyle just the way you let your child boy enjoy freedom. 
The Lady Shop Keeper and Lady Customer : Safwan Patel

Expression: Safwan Patel

Occupied : safvan Patel

While Waiting for customer : Safvan Patel

[ I know it sound little wired but do ponder on this issue and for time being if your head is against me don't abuse me with your fanatic ideas just put your point on comment box or contact me via email and yes don't forget to praise my pictures all pictures on this post are my own. if you wanna buy just email me .] 

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Man with mission [ Monsoon theme ]

People here in India say Monsoon is season of romance ... ! well , I am not so romantic guy as I have now a days developed love with a device called " Camera " which captures moments and let a person to save it back for memory . for example of this is just today we had lunch party at my home for newly wedded couples in my relatives , My Uncle ( Mamu ) came and told me where  "I was looking for you only " I was surprised to his question and my heart beat started faster ... faster.. due to adrenaline addition ...! then I relaxed and said " yes , Uncle say how can I help you " He replied " Beta ! since people have gathered in our home today can you please capture nice pictures of this gathering so that we can show this pictures when this young couples would be older... " I murmured in my heart " Indeed uncle is man of wisdom " I grabbed camera and show get started ... By the way Here I am posting you some of today's clicks and yes I have posted it on my Flicker Profile too you can find some of them here ..

Safwan Patel On Flicker

Man with Mission 

I titled this picture as Man with mission becouse I think those sweepers, cleaners and scrape collectors in our society are doing social work ( no doubt it pays them ) . Every one in society has not such guts to do this work , Most of us throw things on streets or in dustbin but this people are the one who collect it and assort them in proper manner . 
By the way this picture is 180 degree rotated and its reflection of tree, man and a car parked near by on rain water gathered on earth near my home , I waited few minutes to get some body in middle of tree and car so that frame dosen't look empty ..
critics are invited since it let me learn from my mistaks..! 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ok ! photography is not an easy job !

Since Last year I got an admit  into Master of Arts in Mass communication and my journey into media , photography , film had begun , I use to wonder how easy it is to just click a button or record something and get job done , but after studying photography, Cinema , media and journalism now I have realized  " How Difficult it is to get job done "

After ICAI ditched me twice in C.A Inter I thought to do something I love and I am interested  , now I write , understand how media works, how so called face of Radio ( ie. RJs) get their script and how  Radio , Tv and cinema productions works . Since childhood I was fascinated by photography , I loved clicking nice pictures in my cellphones with very lessor pixels :/ [ unfortunately my parents never brought me any camera until last year :(  ] , but might be as per my best knowledge what made me serious into photography was my classmate Prateek Bhalawala (  who have Canon 550d but he is an amazing photographer , good thinker and off course not to forget a good Friend for genuine advice. Being with him I learned little bit of photography and I made him my mentor ( still he is my mentor although he deny )  .

I would like to share here one of my photo here..

Curious + Smile + confused 

Form now onward I would be posting here my photography experiences and political comments InsahAllah !

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Will their be change in poll 2014 ?

Struggling economy , furious public, and firing opposition were the problem of " Silent PM " and now so called " Yuvraj of congress " . Rahul Gandhi ( #RaGa) comment on ordinance bill in absence of Pm gives a sign of his elevation in party [ which was already projected by some experts ! ;  )  ] What made #RaGa to comment on that bill in which he already took part ? Was this a public stunt to project elevation of #RaGa ?, and this keep me doze and confuse [ so you may keep pondering on this ] .

Let keep aside those thoughts on #RaGa I also wonder the comment of Narendra Modi ( #NaMo ) about "  Pehle Sochalaya Fir Devalaya " [ I know that led to  RSS high command to have a special meeting with him], During those days when I checked Twitter timeline I was surprised  by words exchanged by both #Feku and #Pappu 's followers... ! [ Khyr Leave it Politics is not good for Common man ! ] well real question lies is [ as some critics has said ] Is Congress social cell competitive enough to stand before APCO worldwide a world class PR agency working for #NaMo ?

( Photo courtesy : India Today Magazine )  

And conviction of old friend Mr.Lalu Prasad Yadav in Fodder Scam and anger of LEFT ( बोले तो वाम्पन्थ )  over congress give a chance of complex permutation combination of political scenario in poll 2014 . Their is a big " But " for poll 2014  political scenario as a challenge of building government is tough this time. As Congress has tradition of focusing on Mainely two segments first Top class ( Hamare Business bhedu ) and BPL population . Yes I agree India lives in Villages ... ! Villages are Heart of India ....! but what about the lower middle class since most affected segment of population of India which infect is in majority is this class they are affected at every stages of life, regardless of their cast , culture, religion but they are drastically affected by all high jumps and cycles of Economy. And again the strongest Staunch ( so called Hinduwadi ) opposition BJP  , if we were to take modal of Gujrat than they only focus on Capitalist thinking Gujrat Modal is Capitalistic modal and not the mix economy as our elders of Nation suggested . so in clear words if BJP would be favoring your business and if you come under business class (Jai Ho ! ) thus, If you come under Top business class you are going to be benifitted any way and yes also not to forget BPL poppulation. but we know Onion and stomach has no religion as rightly said by MJ AKBAR in Times of India " 2014 will be about the future of the stomach "

So we have on one side a Gujrat Modal which is ( in my opinion ) capitalistic modal favoring big MNCs and Top Business Babus and on other hand we have same Two class focusing economy ; Business class and BPL class where in both case ultimate looser is lower and upper middle class which affects the most by all turns of economy. well, you can ignore this class as you can but this time surely this class will make a change .